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Monthly Birthdays at Blessed Sacrament

June 2013

  1 - Daniel Ledesma, Jeffrey Santos

  3 - Hiram Garcia

  5 - Michelle Moore

  7 - Teri E. Carson, Yvette Flores, Juan Hernandez

  8 - Ernesto Delgado, Nathan Rosorio, Minerva Tomassini

 10 - Patricia DeCoster

  11 - Tara Yayala, Michael Espinoza, Demetria Henderson, Jennette Rodriguez, Norma           Stygles

  12 - Christina Robinson, John Sullivan Sr.

 13 - HWilliam Kemp, Rose RIch, Jonathan Torres, Yoleimi Vasquez

 14 - Zenaida Puerta, Nina Scarpetti,

 15 - Natalia cummings, Jordan Slayton

 16 - Ava Montanez, Hariana Sanchez, Ceon Smith, Luis Valle

 19 - Jaclyn Nieves

 22 - Zaelyn Martinez

 24 -Elijah Lima, Kason Santos

 26 - Eddie Rosado Jr.

29 - Jaennette Cajigas, Natalie Foust, Jorge Rivera

 30 -Jailyn Ballester, Tyron Tate



History of Birthday

It is quite interesting to study the history of Birthday celebrations. Earliest history of birthday can be traced before the rise of Christianity where celebrations began to ward off evil spirits!! If this surprises you, read on for more interesting facts and gradual progress of birthday celebrations in history.

Development of Calendars
Early man did not know how to calculate dates so they were not able to pay attention to the anniversary of important events like birthdays. Gradually, human beings began to understand lunar cycles and they developed calendars accordingly. This made it easy for them to calculate the date of birth and celebrate the occasion.

Birthday History
History of Birthday observance can be traced back before the rise of Christianity. In pagan culture it was believed evil spirits visited people on their birthdays. To protect the person having birthday from the evil effect, people used to surround him and make merry. A lot of noise used to be created in such parties to scare away the evil spirits. In those times there was no tradition of bringing gifts and guests attending the birthday party would bring good wishes for the birthday person. However, if a guest did bring gifts it was considered to be a good sign for the person of honor. Later, flowers became quite popular as a Birthday gift.

Early Records of Birthday Celebrations
Historians are certain that birthday celebrations are being held for quite sometimes but there are few records for the same. Documented descriptions of Birthday celebrations are available only for kings, high-ranking nobility and those who held high positions in the society. In the beginning common men and especially children were unable to celebrate the birthdays. Scholars believe that this difference existed because only the nobility was wealthy enough to throw birthday parties and was considered important enough to be written about.

Popular Birthday Celebrations in History

  • Best known birthday in the history is that of Jesus Christ. For nearly 2000 years since the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, Christians have been honoring the day as Christmas.
  • About 4,000 years ago King Pharaoh used to celebrate his birthday by giving a feast to his court followers.
  • King Herod is said to have celebrated his birthday by treating lords, high captains and special friends with a special supper party in Galilee.